10 December 2017 03:00

Holiday Greetings and General Update!

Happy Holidays from Cinderella House! We hope you're still enjoying the Holiday Giveaway! This is just a quick update to keep you posted about what's been going on. Without further ado...

Server Issues

As a general note, we had a long-ish bout of server trouble that started around mid-November and had a small impact on a lot of things around here, including Cinderella TV. That's on it's way to being resolved, hopefully without too much disruption in the meantime.

Kissing for the Camera Ranking Difficulties

Next, the problem with the rankings for Kissing for the Camera. We're sorry for the initial error and the delay in the rewards, but we hope to have more detailed information and a satisfactory resolution for all of our Ranking winners soon.

iPhone Release

There's not much new to report for this, but as we've gotten questions: with regards to the iPhone release, we're still working on it. As we said in our first update, unfortunately the changes that need to be made will take some time.

Clive's Main Story

Finally, though delayed, we're working hard to make sure you guys get to spend Christmas with Clive! You can look forward to his main story, and his Heartpounding Gacha will be coming out this week to tide you over in the meantime!

We hope this answered some of the questions many of you have, and that you guys keep on enjoying the holiday season!